Saturday, October 6, 2012


Psst... Romney’s not Reagan. Neither is Ryan. Steal & share. Click for larger image.


Apparently it isn’t enough to be a CEO playing a politician playing an actor playing the president - you actually need to have your vp candidate inform your base (and the media) that this is in fact what you are doing...

From October 7th (the day after I posted my split screen):
Paul Ryan Compares Romney's Debate Performance to Ronald Reagan

"Did Mitt Romney not knock it out of the park the other night in Denver?" Ryan asked a crowd of about 200 donors at a fundraiser here Saturday evening. "I was so excited to see that because I was thinking to myself, finally people are seeing the guy we know. Finally - I mean didn't you kind of think of Ronald Reagan when you were watching that?"

A donor interjected that Romney's debate performance actually reminded her of the man standing in front of them.

"We were thinking of you," a donor yelled.

Two Reagan’s for the price of one.

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